Green building

Green building

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The Dynamic Tower, the world’s first building in motion, takes the concept of green buildings to the next level were it will generate electricity for itself as well as other nearby buildings, making it the first skyscraper designed to be self powered.

The building generates electricity from wind turbines mounted horizontally between each floor, eighty story building will have up to seventy nine wind turbines, making it a true green power plant while traditional vertical wind turbines have some environmental negative impact, including obstruction of views and the need for roads to build and maintain them, the Dynamic Tower’s wind turbines are practically invisible and extremely quiet due to their special shape and the carbon fibre material they are made of.

Another environmentally green element of the Dynamic Tower is the photovoltaic cells that will be placed on the roof of each rotating floor to produce solar energy, approximately 20% of each roof will be exposed to the sun, so a building that has 80 roofs will equal the roofing space of 10 similar size buildings.

In addition, natural and recyclable materials including stone, marble, glass and wood will be used for the interior finishing.

To further improve the energy efficiency of the Dynamic Tower, insulated glass and structural insulating panels will be employed.

Energy will also be saved during construction, which involves pre-fabricating individual units in a factory, this Fisher Method not only reduces construction time, but it also results in a cleaner construction site with limited noise, dust, fumes and waste, the shorter building time also results in a less energy consumption than traditional construction methods.




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