Life style

Life style

Hey! continuamos con la serie de lecturas de nuestro material “Comprenhension Interactive Reading” esta vez con “Life style” esperamos aprendan mucho de esta, no dejen de hacernos llegar sus comentarios sobre que les gustaría en el sitio, que les parece, en que creen que está fallando, etc. Ya saben, ejercicios al final ok? y si no saben como descargar el cuestionario, den click aquí.


Dynamic Tower, the world’s first building in motion, offers infinite design possibilities, each floor will rotate independently at different speeds, resulting in a unique and forever evolving shape.

Designed by visionary Italian architect Dr. David Fisher, the Dynamic Tower is the first building in history to introduce a fourth dimension to architecture, “Time”, the Dynamic Tower will continually reshaped, allowing the sun to both rise and set from the same view, The buildings can also be adjusted to the season, the weather, or to capture a special moment.

Luxury penthouse villas, which will be over 1,000 square meters (11,000 square feet), will be completely custom-made to fulfill individual buyer’s personal needs, they will also include an indoor swimming pool, voice activated features, demotic control systems, built in phone system and any other special desire, all custom made.

Bathrooms will be preassembled at the Leonardo da Vinci factory in Italy, part of the Dynamic Group and will be made of precious Italian marble, sauna, Turkish bath, chromatography and sound therapy, a real treat.

Villa’s residents will have the possibility to drive directly into the building were a special elevator take their car to their floor and park at the entrance to their Villa’s.

The Dynamic Tower will offer every resident constantly changing views, a voice activated control system, state-of-the-art design details, high quality Italian made finishing, sophisticated electronic devices.

Each Dynamic Tower throughout the world will be unique, becoming an iconic structure wherever it’s built, together the Dynamic Towers will represent an era of a new architecture that will change the look of our cities and herald a new era of Dynamic Living.






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