100 Improvements to …

100 Improvements to …

This the 100 day journey of new yorker Randy Gregory with the porpouse of finding improvements to help new yorkers in their daily activities.
He propose 100 ideas that may change (or not) the use of subway and so on with common situations of daily life, making Newton´s laws of motion the base of his project…

100. Love

100. Love
This is the view from my new apartment in Queens. I get to see the Chrysler building, and Empire from the street. And I Love it.

Love the fact that in New York, we get to ride from Coney Island to The Bronx for $2.50.
Love the fact that you can see a dozen various street performers, multiple pieces of art (even inside the trains!), and the most diverse culture in the U.S.
Love that you don’t have spend oodles of money on gas, oil, car insurance, and objects like windshield wipers.
Love the view you get of 5 Pointz when you enter Queens.
Love the view of the water when you go into Brooklyn.

Find your reasons to love the NYC Subway.

If you love something, you’ll treat it better. You’ll care more. Over 100 days, I have developed a deep love of this system, and I’ve discovered a diverse group of people who share my opinions. Starting soon, I’ll be devoting some time with an organization called the Station Alliance, who is dedicated to improving the quality of all of the stations in NYC. I’ll document what I’m doing with them here.

99. smile


A 2008 article published the British Journal of Medicine showed that smiling is actually contagious, and is a enabler of happiness. So next time you’re on the subway, smile. Don’t do it in a creepy way, mind you, but smile, and you’ll feel better about your day.

98. Be Kind with Employes

98. Be kind with employes.
Over the past 100 days, I’ve had a few times where I’ve noticed someone treating an employee horribly because they missed the train, or they’re the user at fault…listen, it’s not the employee’s fault. They are trying to do their job at the best level they can, to make sure that the system is running strong. Treat them like you would treat anyone else, with decency and respect.

92. Stay on the right

92. Stay on the right.

When walking up or down the stairs, or going through hallways, stay on the right. It helps promote a better flow of foot traffic, which means we all get to where we’re going faster.

91. Let people off
91. Let People Off
Stop rushing onto the train. Let others off before you board. By letting people off before you get on the train, you’re making their day easier.

75. No Food, No Drinks

75. No Food, No Drinks.
For the last thing I’ve learned from SFO (San Francisco, CA) is that their stations are impeccably clean. Minus the occasional human odor, there wasn’t anything offensive in the air. The entire time I was here, I noticed that there was no food or drinks allowed on the trains or the bus system, under threat of fines.

While it seems like a tough idea to impose on a city, if food & fluids were removed from the system, cleanliness would improve. Less garbage, less rats, no spilled coffee on our shoes.

Granted, this suggestion would require a shift in the mindset of the typical straphanger.

Now it´s your turn to become conscious about your city, share and improve this ideas if you agree with them.
Tell us how you feel about this article, and most of all believe on it.



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